If we have the penetrating eyes of the mystic, we can see the magic that swirls all around us.   The universe will then reveal to us the beautiful truth of existence that will utterly obliterate our jaded worldview that had no room in it for mystery, and wonder. Our hearts
“True intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.” ECKHART TOLLE  A change in our level of consciousness is the only thing that’s going to save us. We have many pressing problems, like climate change and economic inequality. Things too numerous to mention. All of

Your Life is Your Meditation

Meditation is not something we should only do once or twice a day. Because, if this is all it is to us, we have failed. The purpose of meditation is to awaken from the unconsciousness that binds us so tightly to an appallingly limited version of reality. If you only

Sans Coffee

  If I drank a cup of coffee today, it would be a momentous occasion, seeing as how nary a drop of this cherished elixir has ever passed these lips of mine since I arrived on this earth some 57 years ago. Should I break down now, after decades of faithful abstinence,
Did you know that websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages than those companies who don’t?   This little statistic clearly shows the power of blogging for driving massive amounts of traffic to a site. But, it cannot be any ol’ content – it has to be written