These days, we all post lots of stuff on social media. Much of it is evanescent and fleeting, and it mostly is forgotten the very next day. However, there are some posts I enjoy returning to lovingly curate. They never exist in isolation as mere written words. They are intimately connected to both the sharer and the friend with whom they are shared – a living witness and testament to the everlasting power of friendship.

I want to savor the reminder of those who I have met along the way. The words that pour from our hearts are a fond reminder of the lives we have touched. A crying out against the painful brevity of life, and an affirmation that there are others like us out there. They are like living and breathing paintings writ on a digitized easel. Their colors are iridescent; wild in their longing for life. I constantly and lovingly edit them, invited by their energetic presence to further endow them with artistic meaning.

I burn with all-consuming fire to elaborate on them – to deepen their original meaning and intent. These words are constantly evolving, both through conscious attention, and through their mysterious power to grow in spiritual strength over time. The greatest and most rewarding part of this process is the vital interchange of ideas with others, who are not really others, but ourselves in disguise. But I do not want to stop there.

I also want to use the ideas I gather from being in this wondrous forum as a catalyst for interesting life adventures both far and wide. To get away from the keyboard and give those dew-speckled begonias some love. To get out in the dirt and muck in the middle of a rainstorm and give appreciation to the universe for the mind-boggling totality of it all.


To climb a colossal redwood tree in the middle of a thunderstorm and howl joyously out into the void, like the great John Muir did. To peer into the endless ineffability that it is a spider’s web. To bend down and gently kiss the iris, nature’s most underappreciated flower. To all my virtual and real-world friends, thanks for sharing these moments of spirit and joy with me.

You make this journey we call life even more worthwhile.