If we have the penetrating eyes of the mystic, we can see the magic that swirls all around us.  

The universe will then reveal to us the beautiful truth of existence that will utterly obliterate our jaded worldview that had no room in it for mystery, and wonder. Our hearts will then be cleansed of the toxicity placed there a society whose only goal is to rob us of our exquisite aliveness.  

Then, the cosmic floodgates will open.  

We’ll be transported to a sacred realm that has always been as tantalizingly close to us as our own breath. The tranquil power of this kingdom too sacred for words will swallow you up so that nothing is left of your old self save for pure awareness.  

Then, every single nook and cranny of your everyday existence will be overflowing with magic.  

You’ll be so emotionally overwhelmed you’ll want to share your new way of seeing things with your friends and family. So, at the breakfast table the morning you rouse from your decades-long slumber, you might try to share your experiences with them. Many of them will be so taken aback by what you have to tell them that they’ll try to change the subject. 

That’s okay—they’re not quite ready to have their carefully orchestrated, albeit limited reality blown apart just yet.  

That’ll come later.  

You see, you’ve planted a seed that will grow over the months and the years and the decades until it blossoms deep within the oceanic depths of their soul. And then one day, it will adamantly refuse to be contained anymore and it will spring forth from the body that was incubating it. At that moment, everything they thought they knew will disintegrate into dust, and they’ll suddenly know what you tried to tell them so many moons ago. 

They’ll see all the infinite glories hidden in plain sight. They’ll also spontaneously start receiving the miraculous ability to radiate a silent spiritual knowing to everyone they encounter in their daily lives.  

And, these people will also have seeds of beneficent understanding planted within them too. They, in turn, will pass them along to unsuspecting bystanders.  

Believe it or not, this has been how spiritual evolution has worked since the universe first exploded into existence from the raw, gaping singularity that lies beyond space and time.  

But if we are to survive as a species, we will have to find ways to greatly accelerate this growing awareness. It needs to spark from a slightly flickering flame into a conflagration that will utterly consume the cosmos.  

And along with that, everybody who lives within it.  

But we don’t do it by loudly banging our spiritual drum. This only gives our intended recipient a kind of spiritual tinnitus that’ll only push them away. We do it by humbly embodying presence as much as we can—wherever we can.  

Go as deeply as you can into your meditation. When you do, scoop up the glittering pearls of awareness to be found in the meditative silence. Wordlessly carry around this precious inner stillness wherever you go, and you’ll gift these pearls to everyone you encounter. By doing this, all will unknowingly receive your gift of presence and be better for it.  

They won’t know what hit them, although it’s such a gentle (yet powerful) thing hit really isn’t the word. 

Have clarity of perception, and you’ll be able to dance with the angels. You’ll also be able to cavort with the spiritual beings who are so far up on the evolutionary scale, they discarded the need for physical bodies millennia ago. There are a zillion extraordinary things to experience on the astral plane as you become an intrepid explorer of consciousness. 

You may even experience such numinous visions that you forever lose your power to speak earthly tongues. If this happens to you, don’t fear. It’s not a goddamn Shakespearean tragedy. It won’t even be a blip on your ever-upwards trajectory to godhood because what you’ll gain in spiritual understanding will be infinitely more valuable than what you’ve lost.  

Just keep in mind that no matter how stunningly magnificent these visions are, they’re only a pale reflection of the one true consciousness. It defies all our feeble attempts to put it into words. This is the real treasure, and our task is to go beyond that which lies beyond all form. 

There is an infinitude of wondrous things just waiting for you in this dimension. 

But I am not here to provide you with an astral field guide to the mind-boggling beauty of the ethereal world. Nor am I offering to be your guide as you traverse these astonishing landscapes. 

Instead, I want to remind you of something you probably forgot. And that is, reality has a transcendent aspect to it. Your mission on this planet is to discover that transcendence so you can embody it. 

That way, you can become a chip off the old block (so to speak)—a glorious manifestation of the one true consciousness. 

When we lose our ability to see the glittering strands of sacredness out of which the entire universe is woven, we lose our joy. This won’t happen if we continually burnish our perceptual mirrors, so they powerfully reflect the divine light from which all of creation is woven. 

Peer deeply into the heart of the universe that also lies at your center. Then, you can become intimate with the holiness that lives there. The real tragedy of existence is that we so lose touch with inner stillness we feel disconnected from others. We then see ourselves as an alien dust fragment adrift in a universe that has lost all meaning.  

This is dangerous. 

Because then, we’ll awake our ravenous pain bodies whose only goal is to feed off negative emotions such as anger, sadness, worry, and anxiety. When we inadvertently rouse these destructive entities, we become hyper-reactive, and the slightest annoyance becomes an all-consuming catastrophe. 

We may even start to drink too much to cover up our growing hatred for our very existence.  

We spiral downwards, and we commit unspeakable acts we would never have thought we were capable of. Every person we encounter becomes a mortal enemy, and we see every situation that arises as a conspiracy to plunge our well-ordered life into abject chaos.  

That’s why you must never lose touch with your inner stillness. 

This is the same holiness that serenades you when you gaze at the endless sea of stars on a moonless night. In a state of deep reverence for all life, you’ll feel an overpowering kinship with these magnificent suns.  

You might also be so deeply immersed in a field of presence that you recognize them as beings in their own right. You’ll instantly know that they’re endowed with sentience so powerful you can feel it from 100,000 light-years away.  

When we cleanse our perceptions, we see the divinity that holds the entire cosmos in its tender embrace. One way we can do this is to spend time out in nature. Mother Earth is a cathedral infinitely holier than any earthly house of worship.  

Walk out into a beautiful forest and become utterly ravished by its exquisite beauty. Take it all in—feast on the gloriousness of it all. We must give ourselves permission to be so completely discombobulated by beauty that it stops our minds headlong in their tracks. If we don’t, we’re not really living—we’re merely existing. 

Gaze up at a pine tree as it extends spiny fingers to heaven, and you’ll find out for yourself that even the trees want to caress the ineffable. You’ll suddenly be connected to the mysteries of being.  

Carefully study your tree as it decays. Watch as the atoms of the logs it was composed of break down into their constituent chemicals. The destiny of these particles is to form a future body of yours. 

This probably isn’t your first rodeo, and it probably won’t be your last.  

Use the entire universe as your own personal laboratory and conduct experiments in consciousness. You’ll discover that every molecule of creation is intensely alive.  

Congratulations—you’ve just become an alchemist able to see the miraculous even in the most banal aspect of reality.  

This is a gift you’ll treasure for the rest of your days!  

Magical awareness is kind of like a superpower that anyone can cultivate. Even your Uncle Ralph, whose only ambition in life is to swill Pabst Blue Ribbon while watching “Duck Dynasty” for the umpteenth time, can do it. It’s the ability to see that we’re swimming in a literal sea of interconnectedness. 

When we can’t do this, we restrict our reality to an infinitesimal shadow of what it could be. 

To be able to see the invisible choir, you need to be profoundly reverent everywhere you go and cultivate a silent appreciation of every little thing. And just like you did with the pine tree, as you die, witness yourself as your atoms decay. 

You’ll arise, phoenixlike, from the ashes. Then, you’ll transform into a celestial being of unparalleled loveliness. Don’t worry—if you crave more experience, you can always come back to the physical plane. 

We are magical beings with magical bodies. But never forget that your real quest is not to see a lot of cool visions, but to become the embodiment of the one true consciousness. 

That which doesn’t have a form is the most magical thing of all!