Meditation is not something we should only do once or twice a day. Because, if this is all it is to us, we have failed.

The purpose of meditation is to awaken from the unconsciousness that binds us so tightly to an appallingly limited version of reality. If you only meditate once or twice a day and the rest of the time you’re relatively unconscious, well…you’re not using meditation in the right way.

 Meditation should be a continual awareness of sense perceptions and our own inner energy body, without the obfuscating activity of our monkey minds that shatters the beauty of the unified whole into a million glittering fragments.

Not just some trendy thing you do to start your day.

Sure…it makes a nice little Instagram photo, but you need to integrate it into your everyday existence so that it becomes…sunup to sundown…a total immersion in the state known as presence.

But work your way up to this. You wouldn’t try to run a marathon when you’re just beginning your running career.

But how do you do this and still remain a card-carrying member of society who pays his taxes and makes some moolah?

Lots of people have an “all-or-nothing” approach to consciousness. Either they have to jump on the next plane to some mountaintop in Tibet and sit deeply immersed in meditative bliss for twenty-four hours a day, or they have to be a type A personality…Tony Robbinsesque if you will…one hell of a goal-smasher.

The kind of driven influencer who make the cover of GQ or Time magazine. Or, puts together the next Fyre Festival.

But there are so many nuanced possibilities between these two extremes. We are here to awaken. We got to get shit done.

That much is most definitely true.

 But we also have to disidentify with the phenomenal world and the endless roaring river of our thoughts, which can sweep us away into the self-inflicted horrors of our personal life drama.

Sure…you can try being a frequency holder.

A frequency holder is somebody who is more or less immersed in presence all day long, with virtually no thought activity. I believe that people like this are a blessing to humanity because their energy supports and expedites the mass awakening.

But clearly, we all aren’t called to do this. Who’s gonna make all those neat gadgets and widgets that we all go gaga over, and grease the wheels of our massive economy?

 With every conscious breath, we’re meditating. When we wash dishes totally aware of every pot we’re scrubbing…every mug we’re lovingly washing without a single thought to distract us from the intrinsic beauty of the experience…we’re meditating.

Alternate between periods of mind activity and the total cessation of them. Do this as much as possible and still function, and you’re suddenly living life at its highest level.

By doing this, you transcend your personality and become something greater than yourself. It’s an exquisite feeling. You align with your greater purpose, which is to awaken.

 So, do what makes sense for you. Try to have frequent moments throughout the day where you have oases of thought cessation. You owe it to yourself.

Take one conscious breath…and another. And then another.

 While you’re doing that, you’re not thinking. The more you do this, the more your life takes on a flowing effortless quality.

Then, you’re living life at the highest levels. You’ll be so grateful you did, and all of creation will silently bless you.